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In order to use the Bling !t Rhinestone Design Kit you must have a plotter/ cutter capable of cutting an exact circle for proper stone placement. Below we have hand selected 2 plotter/ cutters from that not only cut with amazing speed & quality but they are affordable as well.

Plotter/ Cutters

Like the plotter/ cutters above you cannot use the Bling !t design kit without a heat press. The rhinestones or studs must be heat set @ 350 degrees for 10 seconds to apply properly. We have various options to choose from, based on size and functionality.

How big will you be designing? If you have artwork that is 15x15 you MUST have a heat press (& plotter/ cutter) that can handle that size or larger. For a 15x15 piece of artwork we would recommend using a 16x20 heat press.

Heat Presses
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